Monday, 27 January 2014

Whistralia day

Today marks the aftermath of Australia day in Whistler and boy was it a big one. Saturday night Ainsley arrived so we didn't get to go out to listen to the top 100 but it was for sure made up for the following day. Regretfully didn't make it up the mountain during the day but we got ains sorted with her tickets, rentals and some groceries.

Started drinking extremely early in my books and day drinking makes for some fun times indeed. At about 3 pals started rolling in with some sexy looking outfits to go along. After about 3 hours of preloading we headed down to longhorns to wait in a not so appealing cue. Such an odd experience cueing for an overly packed bar at 7pm. Was a super fun and long night- one of the better Australia days I have had. It still amazes me just how many Aussies flock to Whistler and even greater to see friends from other parts of the world celebrating with us.

   going to miss you brentos

roomie love

As much as I am loving being here, Australia Day for sure reminded me of some things that I truly miss. 

1. Sunshine
2. Our beautiful beaches
3. Meat pies
4. Cheese and bacon roles
5. BBQ
6. Aussie beer
7. Wearing my havianas absolutely everywhere
8.The bay run
9. Swimming 
10. Having somewhat of a tan

I hope you all lovely people celebrated Aussie day with a bang. Would love to hear what you all did wherever you are in the world :) Oh and if you wanna check out this article that made the front page on sydney morning herald then that speaks for itself about Australia day in Whistler

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