Sunday, 3 November 2013

Going Solo

So it has been a week since posting and I thought it was most fitting to share my experiences of my first week in Whistler on my own.Arriving was pretty amazing and daunting at the same time. Stepping straight off the greyhound into crisp chilled air and seeing so many familiarities, I knew I was home.

Let me start off with my accommodation.  I have a pretty sweet bedroom to myself and sharing with 3 other roomies with the tiniest kitchen, living space and bathroom but it works. Located on the mountain it is not the funnest walk coming back up from the village multiple times a day but way quicker and cheaper than the bus thats for sure.

view from my room (just beautiful)

This is clean I swear

The village was like a ghost town when I first arrived with not a soul to be seen but in just a few short days when the snow dumped overnight crowds of people just appeared. I am in awe of how beautiful the mountain looks even though I have seen it all before, seriously blown away!

I can say I have been out almost every night this week and it isn't doing wonders for my budgeting but it is just so super easy making friends here it's hard not to say no. However work starts this afternoon and the burden of knowing everything and anything of bindings, skis and boots terrifies me to no end.
On that note though I have purchased a sweet set of new skis and boots which I managed to do at a bargain price seeing that is the only way I roll.

One thing is for sure I have a new found respect for my parents and all the opportunities I have been given at home. Living on your own although fun is extremely tough. Especially moving into somewhere new getting settled just seems like a never ending battle. For example, I have done 2 grocery shops and bought the bare minimum because of the mighty hike back up the mountain and because everything is so super expensive here. I was so lucky enough to have made some new friends who drove us into Squamish which mind you is 45 mins away to do a huge wallmart shop. Things like coat hangers, a towel, a blanket, detergent plus more food were purchased. I am almost sure I will not need to do another shop until at least christmas!

Some more bits and pieces I have learnt this week
1. Parts of Whistler I didn't even know existed I have seen in this last week
2. Yoghurt and peanut butter has appeared back onto the whistler dessert (all you ainsley)
3. Those reusable shopping bags are an essential
4. Keep every empty can they give you 5c back each one (as a local in whistler this is a must)
5. Mention you are a local anywhere you go, they  love the local discounts here
6. Buying extra socks and underwear wont change the fact that a wash needs to be done asap!
7. Everyone is super friendly and easy going here
8. Invest in a good can opener!

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