Sunday, 27 April 2014

A tribute to staff housing


A background of my living arrangements for the last 6 months are as follows. I have been located in prime location for the winter, right on the hill and next to the gondy with it being ski in and ski out. It is safe to say that this has been my college experience as I didnt get to wave that flag in Sydney. Basically I can sum it up by living with all my friends, doors or buildings away and it has just been awesome. Not having to get into my little gem of a car travelling to see my nearest and dearest is an added bonus! Pre drinking has been made extremely easy at my humble abode and has made for some very very interesting stories! The little apartment of 403 has been fun and challenging at the same time. If you have been following my little blog diligently then you will have read about a lot of these moments and if not then shame on you ;) Bathroom and kitchen mayhem has been the most frustrating. For example, running home in complete agony with only one goal in mind of using the toilet only to find it is occupied by one of your lovely roomies = torture. Or when plates, pots n pans are left sitting unclean for days with no one claiming them as their own, makes for some angry individuals!

People will say what they will about living in staff and yes some love it and some hate it. I have found it to be the perfect place to start my adventure in Canada and wouldn't have had it any other way.

- Located on the hill
- When the gondy has closed it's a hassle especially getting groceries up or late at night
- $ on cab have been forked out over the season
- Our friends dont often leave to go out until after 10pm
- Crappy linen
- Run into people you may not necessary want to see again
- If on the 4th floor its not always fun getting skis up and down
- Paying for laundary
- No shops up here
- Paper thin walls

- Located ON THE HILL!
- Living with all your pals
- Cheapest accom in all of whistler for the winter
- Call maintenance any time of day to fix absolutely anything
- Just go a knocking to borrow anything!
- Sneak peak of the hill when you wake up of all the beaut pow wow
- If you pick wisely then you get a decent room (Building 7, single if you can-> has ovens and vending machines)

So for all those wanting to jump aboard the ski bum train in Whistler, you will google about a billion things before you get here. When racking your brain about accommodation, seriously consider staff housing! Yes there are some things that might sound a little awful but it is very worth your while (at least for your 1st season). If you can secure a job with the mountain then sign up for staff even if you're unsure about it. I have loved every single minute of living up here and so so sad to say goodbye. If there are any followers out there who have a bunch of questions please ask away.

As for the rest of you, it is time that I say goodbye to my home for the last 6 months. As my last few nights approach I intend to spend most curled up in my bed, cleaning dirty dishes for the last time (my next place has a dishwasher) and arguing with Taylor about who knows what. Packing has also commenced, however for those who have visited recently they may say I have a long way to go. Some how I have collected a ridiculous amount of items and my bag that I packed my life into some time ago is looking very very small in comparison. I have been told that my packing methods are incorrect and many many tips have been expressed in the last couple of days (thanks ollie).

Anywho time to love you and leave you. This time next week I will be living it up in a double bed with an actual duvet and not some horrid blanket, a flat screen tv, dishwasher (yes I cannot get over that one) and some decent bathrooms! Oh and we are literally an arms throw to the village!

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