Sunday, 27 April 2014

A tribute to staff housing


A background of my living arrangements for the last 6 months are as follows. I have been located in prime location for the winter, right on the hill and next to the gondy with it being ski in and ski out. It is safe to say that this has been my college experience as I didnt get to wave that flag in Sydney. Basically I can sum it up by living with all my friends, doors or buildings away and it has just been awesome. Not having to get into my little gem of a car travelling to see my nearest and dearest is an added bonus! Pre drinking has been made extremely easy at my humble abode and has made for some very very interesting stories! The little apartment of 403 has been fun and challenging at the same time. If you have been following my little blog diligently then you will have read about a lot of these moments and if not then shame on you ;) Bathroom and kitchen mayhem has been the most frustrating. For example, running home in complete agony with only one goal in mind of using the toilet only to find it is occupied by one of your lovely roomies = torture. Or when plates, pots n pans are left sitting unclean for days with no one claiming them as their own, makes for some angry individuals!

People will say what they will about living in staff and yes some love it and some hate it. I have found it to be the perfect place to start my adventure in Canada and wouldn't have had it any other way.

- Located on the hill
- When the gondy has closed it's a hassle especially getting groceries up or late at night
- $ on cab have been forked out over the season
- Our friends dont often leave to go out until after 10pm
- Crappy linen
- Run into people you may not necessary want to see again
- If on the 4th floor its not always fun getting skis up and down
- Paying for laundary
- No shops up here
- Paper thin walls

- Located ON THE HILL!
- Living with all your pals
- Cheapest accom in all of whistler for the winter
- Call maintenance any time of day to fix absolutely anything
- Just go a knocking to borrow anything!
- Sneak peak of the hill when you wake up of all the beaut pow wow
- If you pick wisely then you get a decent room (Building 7, single if you can-> has ovens and vending machines)

So for all those wanting to jump aboard the ski bum train in Whistler, you will google about a billion things before you get here. When racking your brain about accommodation, seriously consider staff housing! Yes there are some things that might sound a little awful but it is very worth your while (at least for your 1st season). If you can secure a job with the mountain then sign up for staff even if you're unsure about it. I have loved every single minute of living up here and so so sad to say goodbye. If there are any followers out there who have a bunch of questions please ask away.

As for the rest of you, it is time that I say goodbye to my home for the last 6 months. As my last few nights approach I intend to spend most curled up in my bed, cleaning dirty dishes for the last time (my next place has a dishwasher) and arguing with Taylor about who knows what. Packing has also commenced, however for those who have visited recently they may say I have a long way to go. Some how I have collected a ridiculous amount of items and my bag that I packed my life into some time ago is looking very very small in comparison. I have been told that my packing methods are incorrect and many many tips have been expressed in the last couple of days (thanks ollie).

Anywho time to love you and leave you. This time next week I will be living it up in a double bed with an actual duvet and not some horrid blanket, a flat screen tv, dishwasher (yes I cannot get over that one) and some decent bathrooms! Oh and we are literally an arms throw to the village!

Sunday, 20 April 2014

The End

Apologies in advance for the delay in blogging, I have been otherwise occupied for the most part of these 2 weeks! Before I go any further wssf has been on and it is the ultimate world ski and snowboard festival which is in full swing as of friday. Slope styles, big air, silent discos, cut chemist, sneaky sound system, goody give-aways,parties and beautiful sunshine is what is all about. It has been a pretty crazy couple of weeks.

This week has been our final week of working for WB and boy are we excited to be done! As much as I loved all the advantages of working there, I can safely say that I am not sad to be leaving the world of rentals. 5 months of repeating yourself to guests, having to listen to them moan about the boots hurting (duh! they are rentals), pulling ourselves to work after a big night, listening to crappy elevator music and being creeped on through cameras the list really does just go on. So tomorrow will be the final time I have to do any of that cool stuff.

It really has been an emotional rollercoaster. Last night we ended the season with an epic party called the end (original, I know) at the conference centre. Starting at 10 and finishing at 4am was a slight spin out on the old body which was very apparent the next day. Was a great night and loved spending it with my fairmont fam. Tonight we said goodbye to 3 incredible aussie boys who are off on their next adventure. Pizzas and waters marked a sad farewell but have every intention of crossing paths some day again.

So what's next? I can let the world know that I will not be homeless for the upcoming summer as myself and new roomies Kyla and Charlotte have found us a sweet pad. Right in the village, beds on floors, dishwashers and no more staff housing is going to be just luxury! Unfortunately I have yet to find myself a job. Dozens of resumes have been sent and a number of unsuccessful interviews later and still nothing! I am hopeful though otherwise I will be on a flight home sooner than anyone would like.

It has been an epic season and cannot believe tomorrow it will be 6 whole months away from home. I have had such amazing moments and met the most incredible people. To all my pals that are leaving the whis bubble, I love you all thanks for making my first time away from home incredible. And to the rest of you that cant pull yourselves away from this beautiful place, bring on summer time baby!

Saturday, 5 April 2014

ticking the boxes

So with only 3 weeks to go of the season, I thought it is about that time to cram in everything I have wanted to do at the last minute! Not to my surprise most of my friends are exactly the same. Surprisingly, there is a bunch of things to do in Whistler and as I think about it I cannot believe how much I have not yet found the time to do.

Last week I finally made my way to fresh tracks with only days to go until it stopped for the season. Unlike when I first did it back with all my pals who I miss on a daily basis, this occasion was purely for the breakfast. Tom, Nora, Claire, Dave and myself pulled ourselves out of bed and then proceeded to wait for grumpy Tom, not getting down to the line until way past rise and shine time. We were so excited for the food more than the tracks and with no surprise packed our plates with breakfast goodness. Still stuffing our faces well and truly past the bell we thought it was probably time to actually do fresh tracks. Rewind to what fresh tracks actually is to all those beach's where you pay an extra $10 or $20 depends when you actually bother to purchase the tickets to get up the mountain early. The idea is that you get the freshest of tracks before anyone else ruins your runs, plus you get a decent all you can eat brekky buffet in the roundhouse. When I say early I am talking waking up 630 or earlier, depending on the day and if it has dumped with pow the night before. Multiple mornings we have seen an endless line of eager pow chasers just to get first lifts up. Anyway, the day was epic and we had a number of good runs before it got crazy tracked out. My lovely skiing friends thought it would be fun to take us over to the lower flute bowl. I of course refused to hike flute so I caved for the easier option. However, this option was not so easy for me. What I have learnt here is that my skis I excitedly purchased at the beg of the season (with no idea) were park skis, which have proven to be a difficult task on many many days. Turning in powder is serious business and making it down without my skis popping off is the most rewarding thing out! With Claire struggling to traverse across and me just being me we somehow made it down.. with some epic stacks made by all that day.

Cut our day short because we had to get ready to SKIDOO. That's right my friends, we went snowmobiling. Nora put us in the advanced beginners of course! On a gloomy day we made our way out of our whistler bubble to operate some heavy machinery. Nora and Liam were at the front of the wolf pack with Claire and I in slight struggle mode. Having a lot of fun.. we ran into a little trouble when poor Liam was thrown overboard by a raging not-turning in time snowmobiler! The 2 of them went for a tumble. After concussions, damaged snow mobils and some worried faces we made the ultimate sacrifice by ending the tour early. However, it was a lot of fun up until that point and we may even get another one out of all the fiasco!

I think thats it for ticking the boxes this week (maybe the season too ha!) I am still yet to bungee, spend some flash money for scandinave spa, visit meadow park, dog sled and probably a billion other things. However, I still haven't climbed the Harbour Bridge yet so no biggy!

That was a mouthful this week.. sorry if you got lost somewhere through that. At the moment its house and job hunting terrors which I will give you some light about, when there actually is some light.  Bye for now!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

roomie love

Wouldn't of been able to get through the season without these 2 Aussie gems!

A lovely back story..we just clicked from the get go! This tiny gluten free chick has kept me sane these last few months. As soon as she passed me in the stairwell with a billion bags I knew she was the missing piece to 403. The first night she came out with us she was nowhere to be found and a whole 20 mins later there she was laying peacefully on the cubicle floor of dustys and then once again on the floor of our place. We have laughed, cried, bitched and been hungover together hours on end. She has also kept our place in tip top shape and hasn't been afraid of getting her hands dirty (especially keeping our bathroom from growing horrible unthinkable things). I love this one and couldn't have imagined my first time out of home without her.

Where do I start with this guy? Met him all those months ago at the pre-dep party in syd and he has been my go to person ever since. Before he moved in he would come over everyday and use the luxury of our lounge and TV. Once he decided that he couldn't live without me he has been an absolute ball of laughs. Loves putting his 2c in and will let me know that I am wasting my life away if I don't get up the mountain that day. This one like to also point out that the apartment needs a Steph and jess clean and is not afraid in making that known. Lots of laughs and just a few arguments and leaving the bathroom door open (typical brotherly behaviour)

Memorable moments in 403

1. Taylor and I getting a warning for throwing our trash in another building
2. Hosting many parties and scoring heaps of empties and leftover grog
3. Pamper parties
4. Coming home to see Taylor glued to the tv watching another ep of teen mom
5. Seeing who can set off the smoke alarm the most
6. Finding 2 crisp steaks left on the stove the next morning due to a wild night out for Taylor
7. Gaining a new cardboard roomie
8. All having a good old moan about who stumbled in making noise from the night before
9. Finding mouldy goods in the fridge
10. Collecting recyclables only to throw them all in the garbage bin due to crappy separating procedures - thanks HOUSE!
11. Memorable movie nights
12. TV Show favs such as 1000 ways to die, Ridiculousness and Teen Mom
13. Boxes and boxes of tissues consumed
14. Crappy can opener
15. Crappy burners
16. Hearing a crash and some not so pretty words screeched from the bathroom knowing the shower curtain has fallen off once again
17. Overflowing toilet on multiple occasions
18. Daily vending machine trips
19. Yummy hangover breakfasts
20. The non-sleeping horrible mousy incident
21. Our rommie additions ains and grant!
22. Finding very very old items in the fridge
23. Incidents with overnight guests
24. Drunken raids with pals in tay's room
25. Not so pleasant bathroom activities
26. Dirty dirty dishes
27. OMG what is that on the cushion!?
28. Steph's interesting concoctions in the kitchen
29. Elephant pounding
30. Early morning rises

Have loved living with these lovelies and they have just made my stay here in whis so so memorable. They have been my family away from home and the best roomies for my first time out of home. We will miss you so much stephy! 

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

fairmont fam bam

It is fair to say that you make a tonne of friends here in Whistler with some that come and go, some you see almost every day and some not so much. Then there are the ones that you work with day in and day out at the perhaps not the best job in the world. However thats where they are! Working at our store has been such a fun experience and when I look back at an angry working holiday club for not putting me in guest services, I really am so glad. I often take things as if it doesn't happen quite the way you want then there is a reason for that. That is how I have seen these last 5 months so far. The fairmont family plus various blow in's have been the highlight of my time in Whistler by far. There are probably about 15 or so of us give or take and we ski, party, eat, work and do everything else together :)

There are many stories and laughs to be had which are best not to even mention in this posting. I will say that travelling for sure gives you a fresh start and the people you meet will be the best part of your experience. I cant even imagine leaving some of these guys and the thought that some are bidding us farewell very shortly is going to be heart wrenching. Lucky for me most of my buddies have decided to at least stay on for the summer which made my decision that much easier to stay on.

We all go out at least 2 times a week and usually wont head down to the bars until 11 but that is even a slight exaggeration. To get our crew moving it takes many heated discussions and some calm souls who think there is no rush  in the world. We very rarely go down early with the prelash usually at ours, claire's or liam's place at the best of times.

So I wouldn't have been able to get through this season without these special ones and heres just a snippet of what the fairmont fam is like

 That's all for now folks..oh and also must mention if it wasn't for the working holiday club not giving me the job I went for then I wouldn't know these beauties. So check them out