Sunday, 20 April 2014

The End

Apologies in advance for the delay in blogging, I have been otherwise occupied for the most part of these 2 weeks! Before I go any further wssf has been on and it is the ultimate world ski and snowboard festival which is in full swing as of friday. Slope styles, big air, silent discos, cut chemist, sneaky sound system, goody give-aways,parties and beautiful sunshine is what is all about. It has been a pretty crazy couple of weeks.

This week has been our final week of working for WB and boy are we excited to be done! As much as I loved all the advantages of working there, I can safely say that I am not sad to be leaving the world of rentals. 5 months of repeating yourself to guests, having to listen to them moan about the boots hurting (duh! they are rentals), pulling ourselves to work after a big night, listening to crappy elevator music and being creeped on through cameras the list really does just go on. So tomorrow will be the final time I have to do any of that cool stuff.

It really has been an emotional rollercoaster. Last night we ended the season with an epic party called the end (original, I know) at the conference centre. Starting at 10 and finishing at 4am was a slight spin out on the old body which was very apparent the next day. Was a great night and loved spending it with my fairmont fam. Tonight we said goodbye to 3 incredible aussie boys who are off on their next adventure. Pizzas and waters marked a sad farewell but have every intention of crossing paths some day again.

So what's next? I can let the world know that I will not be homeless for the upcoming summer as myself and new roomies Kyla and Charlotte have found us a sweet pad. Right in the village, beds on floors, dishwashers and no more staff housing is going to be just luxury! Unfortunately I have yet to find myself a job. Dozens of resumes have been sent and a number of unsuccessful interviews later and still nothing! I am hopeful though otherwise I will be on a flight home sooner than anyone would like.

It has been an epic season and cannot believe tomorrow it will be 6 whole months away from home. I have had such amazing moments and met the most incredible people. To all my pals that are leaving the whis bubble, I love you all thanks for making my first time away from home incredible. And to the rest of you that cant pull yourselves away from this beautiful place, bring on summer time baby!

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