Saturday, 18 January 2014

let it burn

so whilst sitting for days contemplating about what on earth to post this week (I swear blog time comes way too fast) I am staring out at my gorgeous view from my home away from home. What an awesome place to live and I sometimes need to remind myself of that, when I am having a rather unflattering day.

anyway on to more pressing topics of this week's events, I will start by mentioning the epic dump of fresh pow we had last weekend. Of course it had to come on a saturday and the lines to get in any of that action was enough for me to throw my hands up and wait until after the weekend. Yes I did get criticised to no end but who wants to wait in 40min lines to get up a chair lift with a billion layers, heavy skis and not-so-comfty ski boots?

So when I did finally get my lazy self up for a day of skiing, wow did I have a fantastic day. Went up with some of my buddies Claire, Liam, Matt, Matty and Mark over to Harmony and Symphony. I think some of us smashed close to 8 runs of harmony and not just the pretty groomed runs. I managed to get myself down the little whistler (part of the bowl at harmony) which was hard work but so much fun. Was such a beautifully clear day and we really did find some great snow. By that afternoon my entire body was burning and aching just in time for another kegger night with the fairmont gang.

I trekked it out again the following day on the best bluebird day I have seen yet! Oh and let me tell you, it was crazy warm up top with a whopping 6 degrees it seemed more like spring riding. Did a few runs and had some embarrassing trouble with my skis. Let's just say I had to hike it back up to put one of them back on and then throwing in the towel to a pair of very appreciative legs. That night followed with farewelling one of my first friends made in canadian town Brent who sadly has to venture back home early. Twas a messy night at garfs which followed with some horrible hangovers by some members of 403. 

Today also marks 1 week until ainseeee gets here..words cannot describe how excited I am!

It's been a super fun week and really loving every minute that I get to spend here. If you want to stop seeing all my posts and see it if for yourself then shoot The Working Holiday Club an email at

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