Wednesday, 5 February 2014

a week of sickness

sickness you can take in both contexts. This week has been a crazy one! Let me break it down for you all. After our big Australia day we thought a couple nights in would be totally reasonable. Work organised for us all to go ziptrekking and that was a tonne of fun. I faced my fear of heights and now I totally think I can brave the world by going bungee jumping! Just so you are all aware there was no way I was even considering doing such a thing before very recently. So that is now on my to do list so stay tuned.


Oh and check out this vid of Julia and I

A very last minute decision to head out with the work gang weds night made for a very slow next day and a nasty cold arising yet again. 

After that it was all downhill from there with my nasty flu coming back yet again. Ains and I have both been sick for the last few days now which hasn't made for some great times. We did however manage to go for dinner to Mongolie grill which was the yummiest meal I have had in Whistler by far. Basically its a stirfry by filling up your bowl with any ingredients you like and they cook it in front of you- so amazing.

So there has been some rather fun and far from fun times this week but so glad I have a friend from home here for a couple of weeks, it is always nice to see a friendly face. Time to get back to my 2nd box of tissues in 2 days and my trusty friend netflix.

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