Saturday, 4 January 2014

unrealistic resolutions

and a very happy new year to my loved ones from near and far, I hope you all welcomed 2014 with a bang! Cannot believe how fast last year flew. Before I tell you all about my wild adventures of the night I think it's time to reminisce about some top moments of 2013.

1. Bringing in 2013 in Waikiki Hawaii with some amazing people - an unforgettable snapshot of 6 weeks in total that we spent together
2. First day of being home from my holiday deciding that I was going back to canada no questions asked
3. Working my ass off for 8 months straight (this really is not a top moment but really took up all of my time and got me to where I am now)
4. Finally graduating from university with a jaw dropping credit in accounting
5. Getting the "oh hey you got a job in whistler" email
6. Booking my flights
5. Being present and celebrating one of my besties 21sts
and finally number 6.. jumping on an aeroplane and changing the course of what could of been a pretty boring next part of my life

Ok so those moments may have been more exciting in my head and for some reason are pretty boring in hinds sight. However a boring year made for a more exciting outcome.

soooo what did I do on this hyped up night of the year? finished work an angry person at aprox 930 because a family decided to come in and spend an amazingly long time choosing some skis to rent and then deciding to pay in US$. However once that was all over we got ready to go to our friend's house party in whistler cay. An awesome house with a ridiculous amount of people packed inside made for one very interesting night. We are still unsure of the time we left only to rediscover the next day that we got a lift to another house party in the back of a van with no seats but a mattress only- that was fun! All in all a great night and defs a more memorable nye than many others. Lets just say work next day was indescribably horrible for all.

so I thought also long and hard (for about 5 mins lets be serious) of a realistic resolution that I might be able to stick to. However, I failed in even thinking of something as I never ever have even slightly attempted to stick with one for more than a day of a new year. Hence my title of this week's post.

On a more serious note I have actually got to start thinking of what my near future plans are going to entail. Do I stay for the summer season and get a house with some friends? do I go and travel with my millie or do I do something else entirely? I guess it all depends on my money situation and how long it all lasts.
sadly took 0 real goodies on nye 

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