Saturday, 11 January 2014

the joys of living out of home

Besides the fact that yes I am living in an amazingly gorgeous corner of the globe where it's work and play on repeat every day, there are still home hitting realities that come with it. For whoever has moved out of home my hat goes off to you for taking that step and dealing with all that comes with this freedom.

I want to start by saying and I have mentioned it before that I appreciate my mother and father dearest to no end for putting up with me and my madness for the last 23 or so years.

1. The matters of food

I have had to think all for myself in this department and boy has it been tough. The grocery shop is quite a painful experience when I have no idea what I should cook or need to make a meal. I now understand why mum starts compiling a list of items and meals from the beginning of the week because let me tell you walking up and down aisles aimlessly is a rookie error. Even smaller items like salt, pepper, ketchup, spices and condiments really need to be thought of early on! I have now resulted in doing a shop once every two weeks and will use a basket instead of a trolley to stop overload of unnecessary items. This basket will unfortunately have only the very basics for meals and snacks and maybe one treat with a major dollar value of 80 plus cha chings :( I have picked up some pointers from home that amazingly I have used such as buying meat in bulk and portioning it up and sticking it into our very very full freezer. Another issue with food is that we have to really think about what we are buying and any bulky items are a no no unless you want to give one of your roomies less space in the fridge that week.

2. The matters of clean clothes

So I have touched on this previously but oh wow do I cringe when its laundry time. My plastic bag I use for my dirty laundry piles up until there are no clean items left. I can safely say that I have shrunk items, run my whites with colours just to save an extra $2 only to ruin them all and even picked up a strangers undies in my pile by mistake (thanks to communal laundry sharing). Oh I even know now that liquid detergent favours powder (isnt that sad?)

3. The matters of cleaning up after yourself

Now this really is a biggy and the major topic of this week's dramas as dramatic as it can get in carefree whistler town. You walk into anyone else's identical apartment and think wow your place is so clean. Then you step into ours and its like a repetitive gasp when you would see just how horrible our place looked. Maybe I am over exaggerating but maybe I am not, I guess the determining factor was when my friends would comment on how messy it was and also the pile of recycling that grew and grew also indicated that it was time to change our ways. In such a small space there isn't room for all of your stuff to be scattered everywhere so steph and I got to work on making our home brand spankingly new. In all of my years of living I can and will ashamedly admit that I had never cleaned/scrubbed/disinfected a toilet. This all changed a few short days ago when it clearly had not been done in the whole 2 and a half months of being settled in. No more details are needed but my entire family and even friends should be proud of that milestone.

 I guess what this last week has taught me is to start looking out for myself more and no more waiting for someone else to do things for me- gone are those days! But but but before I go, living out of home rocks and the good things well and truly outweigh the bad.

anyway little followers, we had a dumping of fresh pow overnight so stay tuned for some epic tales next week.

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