Saturday, 28 December 2013

All work and no play

So yes the first thought may be well why isn't there a jolly christmas title this week, well let me tell you my dear friends that the title really does speaks for itself.

For an idea of the mayhem that we lovely rental folk have to deal with each day read ahead (if it bores you then skip ahead to fun times). A little background of where and what I do are as follows. I technically am retail/rental cashier which means ding ding ding, I get to stand at a computer for 8 hours or more a day :) Our store is located underneath the hotel so we get all the guests coming in wanting to store their skis and boots and what not along with getting teched up with the brand spanking new gear for the season. Tis the season to want to rip your hair out after endless lines and newbies wanting assistance with putting their boots on. Waivers after waivers get thrown at us all day long and the pile of papers that build up throughout the course of the shift is never ending. Now with all that boring stuff out of the way, it for sure comes with its perks! Getting major discounts anywhere for the mountain is a massive plus and the free seasons pass is in a league of its own. The people that I get to work with each day makes a living nightmare seem super fun! Parties are thrown and drinks are consumed which well and truly outweigh the minor downsides.

Christmas day was soooooo out of this world different to all others for me. Although having celebrated this special day away from home before, this one really was a lightbulb moment for me. Lightbulb moment as in "wow I am actually so far away from home with no prospects of returning in the near future which inevitably means not seeing my fam bam for a long time". Yes I knew as soon as this trip was put down in writing that this would occur but it hasn't hit me until these last few days. So what did I do on xmas day? Well I was so so lucky enough for my one day off to be this one so I hit the slopes with some awesome people and had a big christmas feast later on. I couldn't help but reminisce on last year's festivities in whistler and missing all those cool people I shared that day with. This time round it was whoever you could tie down that didn't happen to be working on the busiest time of year.

I have just realised that it has been well over a week since blogging and in that time I have also been ultra super duper sick. With having a number of days off work and a couple of 75$ a visit doctor bills I was unable to go and do anything crazy! Which mind you has helped me kind of hold back on blowing all my money for 2 weeks anyway. Ohhhhhhh and I cannot forget my aussie friend Marcus who arrived about a week ago and crashed on my couch for a night and who I haven't seen since (drinks tomorrow if you are reading this). So happy to see a familiar face and looking forward to ainsley's arrival in a few short weeks.

Crazy week or so ahead still but will be looking forward to bringing in the new year with my new pals in this crazy bubble of a town. I hope you all had a great christmas and santa brought you more than he did me!

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