Wednesday, 26 March 2014

roomie love

Wouldn't of been able to get through the season without these 2 Aussie gems!

A lovely back story..we just clicked from the get go! This tiny gluten free chick has kept me sane these last few months. As soon as she passed me in the stairwell with a billion bags I knew she was the missing piece to 403. The first night she came out with us she was nowhere to be found and a whole 20 mins later there she was laying peacefully on the cubicle floor of dustys and then once again on the floor of our place. We have laughed, cried, bitched and been hungover together hours on end. She has also kept our place in tip top shape and hasn't been afraid of getting her hands dirty (especially keeping our bathroom from growing horrible unthinkable things). I love this one and couldn't have imagined my first time out of home without her.

Where do I start with this guy? Met him all those months ago at the pre-dep party in syd and he has been my go to person ever since. Before he moved in he would come over everyday and use the luxury of our lounge and TV. Once he decided that he couldn't live without me he has been an absolute ball of laughs. Loves putting his 2c in and will let me know that I am wasting my life away if I don't get up the mountain that day. This one like to also point out that the apartment needs a Steph and jess clean and is not afraid in making that known. Lots of laughs and just a few arguments and leaving the bathroom door open (typical brotherly behaviour)

Memorable moments in 403

1. Taylor and I getting a warning for throwing our trash in another building
2. Hosting many parties and scoring heaps of empties and leftover grog
3. Pamper parties
4. Coming home to see Taylor glued to the tv watching another ep of teen mom
5. Seeing who can set off the smoke alarm the most
6. Finding 2 crisp steaks left on the stove the next morning due to a wild night out for Taylor
7. Gaining a new cardboard roomie
8. All having a good old moan about who stumbled in making noise from the night before
9. Finding mouldy goods in the fridge
10. Collecting recyclables only to throw them all in the garbage bin due to crappy separating procedures - thanks HOUSE!
11. Memorable movie nights
12. TV Show favs such as 1000 ways to die, Ridiculousness and Teen Mom
13. Boxes and boxes of tissues consumed
14. Crappy can opener
15. Crappy burners
16. Hearing a crash and some not so pretty words screeched from the bathroom knowing the shower curtain has fallen off once again
17. Overflowing toilet on multiple occasions
18. Daily vending machine trips
19. Yummy hangover breakfasts
20. The non-sleeping horrible mousy incident
21. Our rommie additions ains and grant!
22. Finding very very old items in the fridge
23. Incidents with overnight guests
24. Drunken raids with pals in tay's room
25. Not so pleasant bathroom activities
26. Dirty dirty dishes
27. OMG what is that on the cushion!?
28. Steph's interesting concoctions in the kitchen
29. Elephant pounding
30. Early morning rises

Have loved living with these lovelies and they have just made my stay here in whis so so memorable. They have been my family away from home and the best roomies for my first time out of home. We will miss you so much stephy! 

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