Wednesday, 19 March 2014

fairmont fam bam

It is fair to say that you make a tonne of friends here in Whistler with some that come and go, some you see almost every day and some not so much. Then there are the ones that you work with day in and day out at the perhaps not the best job in the world. However thats where they are! Working at our store has been such a fun experience and when I look back at an angry working holiday club for not putting me in guest services, I really am so glad. I often take things as if it doesn't happen quite the way you want then there is a reason for that. That is how I have seen these last 5 months so far. The fairmont family plus various blow in's have been the highlight of my time in Whistler by far. There are probably about 15 or so of us give or take and we ski, party, eat, work and do everything else together :)

There are many stories and laughs to be had which are best not to even mention in this posting. I will say that travelling for sure gives you a fresh start and the people you meet will be the best part of your experience. I cant even imagine leaving some of these guys and the thought that some are bidding us farewell very shortly is going to be heart wrenching. Lucky for me most of my buddies have decided to at least stay on for the summer which made my decision that much easier to stay on.

We all go out at least 2 times a week and usually wont head down to the bars until 11 but that is even a slight exaggeration. To get our crew moving it takes many heated discussions and some calm souls who think there is no rush  in the world. We very rarely go down early with the prelash usually at ours, claire's or liam's place at the best of times.

So I wouldn't have been able to get through this season without these special ones and heres just a snippet of what the fairmont fam is like

 That's all for now folks..oh and also must mention if it wasn't for the working holiday club not giving me the job I went for then I wouldn't know these beauties. So check them out

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