Saturday, 5 April 2014

ticking the boxes

So with only 3 weeks to go of the season, I thought it is about that time to cram in everything I have wanted to do at the last minute! Not to my surprise most of my friends are exactly the same. Surprisingly, there is a bunch of things to do in Whistler and as I think about it I cannot believe how much I have not yet found the time to do.

Last week I finally made my way to fresh tracks with only days to go until it stopped for the season. Unlike when I first did it back with all my pals who I miss on a daily basis, this occasion was purely for the breakfast. Tom, Nora, Claire, Dave and myself pulled ourselves out of bed and then proceeded to wait for grumpy Tom, not getting down to the line until way past rise and shine time. We were so excited for the food more than the tracks and with no surprise packed our plates with breakfast goodness. Still stuffing our faces well and truly past the bell we thought it was probably time to actually do fresh tracks. Rewind to what fresh tracks actually is to all those beach's where you pay an extra $10 or $20 depends when you actually bother to purchase the tickets to get up the mountain early. The idea is that you get the freshest of tracks before anyone else ruins your runs, plus you get a decent all you can eat brekky buffet in the roundhouse. When I say early I am talking waking up 630 or earlier, depending on the day and if it has dumped with pow the night before. Multiple mornings we have seen an endless line of eager pow chasers just to get first lifts up. Anyway, the day was epic and we had a number of good runs before it got crazy tracked out. My lovely skiing friends thought it would be fun to take us over to the lower flute bowl. I of course refused to hike flute so I caved for the easier option. However, this option was not so easy for me. What I have learnt here is that my skis I excitedly purchased at the beg of the season (with no idea) were park skis, which have proven to be a difficult task on many many days. Turning in powder is serious business and making it down without my skis popping off is the most rewarding thing out! With Claire struggling to traverse across and me just being me we somehow made it down.. with some epic stacks made by all that day.

Cut our day short because we had to get ready to SKIDOO. That's right my friends, we went snowmobiling. Nora put us in the advanced beginners of course! On a gloomy day we made our way out of our whistler bubble to operate some heavy machinery. Nora and Liam were at the front of the wolf pack with Claire and I in slight struggle mode. Having a lot of fun.. we ran into a little trouble when poor Liam was thrown overboard by a raging not-turning in time snowmobiler! The 2 of them went for a tumble. After concussions, damaged snow mobils and some worried faces we made the ultimate sacrifice by ending the tour early. However, it was a lot of fun up until that point and we may even get another one out of all the fiasco!

I think thats it for ticking the boxes this week (maybe the season too ha!) I am still yet to bungee, spend some flash money for scandinave spa, visit meadow park, dog sled and probably a billion other things. However, I still haven't climbed the Harbour Bridge yet so no biggy!

That was a mouthful this week.. sorry if you got lost somewhere through that. At the moment its house and job hunting terrors which I will give you some light about, when there actually is some light.  Bye for now!

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