Sunday, 16 February 2014

pow wow

Hands down one of the best weeks I have had here in Whis. We have finally got what we all came here for, some decent snow! To try and understand what whistler was like before it snowed imagine green tree tops, dodging rocks on every run, attempting to catch an edge when hitting an ice patch and seeing out of bounds ropes off simple blues. Over this last week we have seen a whopping 108cm with much more in the beautiful forecast! I have finally conquered skiing in fresh untouched powder and I was totally blown away. Falling over in powder although fun can be such a struggle when your skis have come off. I have been privileged enough to have been taken down some challenging spots by my trusty snowboarding friends who are always lovely enough to wait for this overly cautious one.

This sensational pow has put my whole body to work and now I understand what people mean when they talk about getting your ski legs ready! After each day I am in more pain than the last but it is so totally worth it when you get to float through the fresh stuff.  We are hoping for more dumping and all the crowds to leave after this weekend so we dont have to wait in 2 hour long lines!

I also realise that these photos are a poor attempt at demonstrating just what I get to live and play amongst every day and for that I do apologise. To be fair though who has time for photos when you get only a certain amount of hours each day to shred. I will do my best next time for all you photo lovers. 

If you want to get amongst this next season check these guys out, they have made my Whistler experience unforgettable! Please feel free to comment or ask any questions I am more than happy to make you all jealous about my home away from home. 

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