Thursday, 5 December 2013

snowbody's got time for no snow

snow snow where are you?

We had a slight dump on Sunday night and then nothing again for the next four days. Of course when it did bucket down I had to be opening at work every day for the next 3 so come my days off the pow has completely been shredded! Nonetheless it's so so pretty up there and to have a day off and not venture up is just poor form (unless of course if you are hanging from the night before)

I managed to get in a shred day last week with Brent who finally decided to come and find me. Before that I was finding my feet on my own which was cool too. Brent was a bit of a machine and made my skiing look just horrendous whilst taking me down some rocky terrain so cheers buddy! However apr├Ęs are always a must and longhorns seems the place to go after being knackered. Went up again today with Jamie, Sean and Matt for first lifts almost, was amazingly crisp! but it really better snow soon.

Brent looking mighty fine

woah bang

Last week was detox week for me and didnt go out until Sunday night for the twinnys birthdays. Beer pong, new friends and plenty of drinks and waiting way too long in the line for moe joes everyone had black out.

I must inform you all about Merlin's. Being an employee of the mountain and joining club shred for $2 a pay check we get some wicked deals. However Thursday shred night really is the icing on the cake. 2 free pints between 5-7 with some desperately skimpy staff makes for a wild Thursday night. As I write this on aprox 2 hours till we slide on down after a sneaky few

There really are some wicked stories that I have experienced on my nights out with friends and at some point I really must share with you all but it is way to early on in the season to be friendless... so they will have to wait.

missing everyone a bunch but I'm loving my little bubble at the moment. If anyone is ever interested in doing something drastically different check out these guys and hit up jake.. seriously life changing. 

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