Friday, 29 November 2013

all things canadian

From being here only a month and making a surprising number of canadian pals, I have been able to compile a list of some of the most bizarre things. Needed to be shared at this point of my travels so far

1. Canadians actually pronounce their 'r''s. More shockingly I have discovered that us aussies have really converted the english language and with what is supposed to be an 'r' really is of poor effort.

2. Canadians will actually say 'for sure' in almost every sentence

3. Bears are a majorly popular topic of conversation. It is also a frightening walk at night and the slightest sound from the bushes calls for locating the bear spray. (yes there is such a thing as bear spray, not sure how this would actually work with an actual run in with a bear and no I dont have any yet but am on the look out)

4. Talking about animals.. the recent discovery of also running into a cougar just freaks me out to no end, apparently if they are going to attack you then you want to see them rather than not because they like to pounce from behind

5. Canadians love their KD and that actually is short for kraft dinner (for all you aussies out there, easy mac!)

6. Toonies, loonies, dimes and nickles (do not call them anything else)

7. Apparently aussies says heaps, ages & keen way too much and is actually laughed at almost every time.

8. Noone else calls pommy's, pommy's except us beautiful people

9. Capsicum is not capsicum it is named a pepper and that is all. I have had way too many arguments with people about this classic

10. A jug is not a jug, it is called a pitcher

11. Never try a caesar it is actually a horrible canadian beverage (just a bloody mary with the odd canadian spin)

12. People and not just canadians are fascinated by australian animals. They seem to think that we have only poisonous animals in our country besides the kangaroos. I even got asked the other day if we have snakes in our toilets.

13. Hockey is hockey and not ice hockey, like seriously!?

14. The only canadians that are actually in whistler are those from Ontario, lots of them

15. chips are crisps

16. It's ketchup

17. Paw paw cream is only an aussie thing but those who know about it, love it

18. cant say as much for the vegimite

19. Netflix is a must but get your hands on the american one

20. Hunters are a popular shoe in Canada which are a very stylish and expensive gumboot

21. Cheese is a special treat as it costs a tonne

22. It is mandatory to say eh at the end of almost every sentence

I am sure I will be adding to this list as time goes on!

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