Tuesday, 12 November 2013

open sesame

It is only fitting that I post today as of early this morning we got news of opening day being this saturday! That is 2 weeks earlier than published which is super exciting. For all of those back home opening day is what we have all been hanging for since arriving and the village has gotten slightly busier each day which means people are getting ready!

This last week has been a lot more interesting especially since we have finally started working which have been filling up my days. Working at the Fairmont at a retail/rental store for the mountain and have met a bunch of awesome people already. It is extremely unfamiliar to me and nothing to like the work I have been doing for the past few years thats for sure. From fitting boots to adjusting skis and bindings to learning a billion things about gloves, smart wool, helmets and gloves it has been information overload. Us retail girls though have gotten some sweet discounts from attending some of our training PK's (product knowledge). Now that the mountain is opening super early we are working a tonne to get our store ready in time.

Besides working and hanging down the village and eating at furny's almost every other day for $5 meals, partying has been major. Every night there is something to do somewhere in town. There is always several house parties every night to attend before heading down to the club's. Really any day of the week is someone's weekend so staying at home is a treat. 

I haven't been very adventurous in the site seeing department but managed to go with some new pals down to the train wreck near function. Unlike most smart and wise people we decided to leave at around 3 which meant getting to the wreck in almost darkness. Nevertheless it was fun walking down the train track and checking it out. As a side note It gets dark here so super early so the days feel a lot shorter. 

Money is becoming scarce very fast and cannot wait for pay day which still isnt until next friday :( 

Sorry for all the photo lovers, I have been lazy at taking any of decent quality this last week. Maybe next time.

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