Sunday, 27 October 2013


As I write this, there is a sense of bitter sweet. My week at Vancouver comes to an end but here I go to really start my whistler adventure. I have had an incredible time in Vancouver and met some amazing people already.

My plane ride was nothing to rave about however a pretty empty plane so I was able to spread out. With little sleep and hunger pains due to the refusal of eating some of the food we were given and 14 hours later there I arrived in Vancouver. Of course I was lucky enough to get interrogated by immigration asking a billion questions & freaking me out just gave me flashbacks of entering canada by train last time.

Samesun Hostel was awesome and met heaps of different people. The first few days consisted of setting up my SIN, bank account & phone number and some solid sleeping. After that though was tourist time! Did a solid hike up Grouse Mountain which was one of the most challenging things I have ever done but the reward was incredible. Such a beautiful view from the top and got to check out some grizzly bears which was a bonus. Also ventured out to Lynn Canyon which was so pretty and got to witness the suspension bridge! Experiencing halloween was a fun treat too they really do get into it over here. Everyone dresses up and people go all out to decorate their houses (more than christmas)

                                                                               Pretty Vancouver

                                                                           The start of the hike

                                                                              view from Grouse

After 6 glorious days I have learnt a fair bit!

1. I am horrible at directions and really need to step this up especially without the trusty google maps as wifi will become a treat when found
2. My mum isn't here to do my washing :(
3. Burgers and beer have to be wiped off of my diet plan quick smart
4. Noone is here to hold my hand when trying to hike mighty mountains
5. Never ever get the top bunk
6. I actually really appreciate fresh produce (yes all you finger pointers, and veggies!)
7. Good coffee is extremely hard to come by

I am sure there is many more to add to that list so keep your eyes peeled.

One thing is for sure I have met so many people here that are frantically job searching and house hunting with not a whole lot of luck. I am super happy that I have had it all organised before I got here which has made the transition so much easier. I would very much recommend going through these guys if it is your first season.


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