Monday, 21 October 2013


This title should not need any explanation  for obvious reasons. Today marked the day I left my homeland to embark on my Canadian adventure.

Many tears have been shed and goodbyes have been exchanged. However excitement is now kicking in for the fresh fresh powder

                                                                 Bye bye family :(

For all of those who know me, packing was a massive struggle. Items had to be parted with so my beautiful gem of a backpack would close! 

No real complaints with air canada besides the average food and slight delay but super empty plane which made it slightly less uncomfortable. With rocky turbulence and 5 movies later it was a very long 14 hours. Besides getting pulled aside and being interrogated for why I was in fiji for only 2 days at the beginning of this year, immigration was a breeze.

When arriving at the Samesun we were given a welcome pack with a map of where we need to go to set everything up. Pressure has been taken right off because of these guys who are going to get a wrap every post for more reasons than one.

Anyway after a long day of making new friends, trekking downtown vancouver, getting used to really nice homeless people asking for money and some sweet iceskating fun it is time for a seriously solid sleep. 

Blog out :)

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