Saturday, 28 September 2013

There is a first for everything!

Blogging is something I have never done before so be nice.

So a little about my plan of attack for the next stage of my life is to hop over to Canada and do a ski season in Whistler for 2013-2014. I fell in love with Whistler when I went on a radical north american adventure with some friends in 2012. We spent Christmas there and I knew I wanted to be back the following season but for a lot lot longer! The same day I arrived home as a misery guts, I googled some ways in how I could possibly pack up and move over there. I stumbled across The Working Holiday Club and got in contact with Jake who was more than happy to secure a place for me with a cashed up deposit of course. Visa applications, resumes, interviews, more interviews, waiting frantically for a position, getting a position, booking my flights, saving $$$$ and resigning from my job and 9 months later, here I am just about ready to pack up my life and go.

1. I have never done this before
2. No my daddy hasn't help fund for this trip
3. Yes I am going solo
4. Yes I am petrified
5. and finally Yes I am going to be blogging away about my adventures!

So there is a first for everything.  If you haven't had the chance to say goodbye or spend time with me then you better make some contact before it's too late, 3 weeks to go :)

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